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This is a free competition of ideas, skill and creativity. Chances to win depend on the quality of the entry of the participant. By participating in the competition, you agree to these official rules which create a contract between you and the Sponsor of the competition, so read carefully these rules before entering. Void where prohibited or restricted by law. There is no fee to pay to enter this competition or receive your prize if you are a winner.

The purpose of this open and free international design competition is to make students of 18 yrs old and above and young professionals of 30 years or less in the field of design, architecture, engineering discover precast architectural concrete, street or urban furniture and explore their possibilities. It is based on the win-win principle, so all actors taking part to this competition are learning, training, discovering or challenging their creativity with something new for them because they learn new skills or discover new materials or techniques. For the sponsor of the competition (, they make their technology, skills and know-how available and well known to all. They support creativity and imagination as vectors of a better future for all, they also challenge themselves to new ideas and to be ready to make them become real.

About precast architectural concrete
Concrete is everywhere to help us build strong and practical environments. Yet, is it often seen as grey and cold, but in reality, there are a lot of possibilities of producing precast concrete, with different colours and finishings. Architectural concrete is high quality concrete made with real stones of different colors of cement. Different finishing can be applied for different texture effects. It then can become soft, smooth, velvet or sandy following the chosen technique. Concrete is molded in shapes. It can receive a structural reinforcement made of a metallic structure or fibers.

Contest Calendar
The design competition begins July 2021 and submissions must be received by e-mail at before 30 September 2021 at midnight. The dates are subject to extension, in organization's sole and absolute discretion.

Theme of the competition

Recreate Concrete Outdoor Picnic Furniture” is an open competition of ideas based on the theme of street /urban furniture and picnic. It must be thought in the spirit of precast architectural concrete in its major proportion. Other elements made of materials like wood, steel, synthetic, etc. can be added as useful complementary elements.

We propose you to reinvent the way we are having outdoor picnics in a fresh, eco, new, open, inclusive way.

We invite you to rethink about the table, benches, chairs, litter bins or a set of them... with precast concrete to (re)create a great experience in family, with friends, with your partner or on your own maybe.

We invite you to think about what we do during these outdoor picnics, what are the weather conditions, what do we eat, drink, do? How do we cook or prepare? Is there music? Etc. You can think about urban picnics for workers having their lunch outside the office, the family visiting a city or a touristic area, a welcome halt near a bicycle road in the countryside, etc. What do you do on or with or at a picnic table? Think about being inclusive, about design for all, about kids and grandparents, babies, people with physical or cognitive handicaps, ... Think about the 17 sustainable goals of the united Nations. Think about colours! Precast concrete is not white or grey, it can be quite colourful, shaped, textured. Think also maybe about pets, maybe wild animals not necessarily invited and think about recycling or what to do with the remains of your picnic for example. We don ’t want to pollute the surroundings. Think about the environment, lifecycle, maintenance. Think maybe also about a way to personalize the furniture with the logo of a city or an association.

HINT: Think about the fun of having a picnic or maybe the quietness that people are looking for having a picnic. Do you want to play or rest? Do you want to sit in great comfort or you want people to eat and go? What would make people enjoy a great picnic outside? You can also think also about the people that need to take care of the furniture (or maybe there is no need for anybody to take care of it?), the cleaning, how to avoid damages, vandalism, ...

Concrete outdoor furniture can be fun and playful! A simple product has as many chances to win as a complex one. All concepts are welcome, you can submit up to three different entries per person.

We invite you not to use electronics with the furniture, although it is thinkable that your furniture could spark or interact with a Smartphone in a passive way. The furniture must not be linked to any electrical power source. The furniture designed must not be dangerous or harmful.

Imagination is your limit but it must be realistic because URBASTYLE proposes, in addition to the money prizes, to select one of the three winning projects and to prototype it.

The international jury is waiting for your proposals and the rewards for the top 3 entries are quite nice. The new fresh and exciting ideas do not exist yet. Think, play, run, jump, roll, create, co-create or think in groups, brainstorm, design and have fun!


This competition has only one category and 3 official prizes.
- First prize: 2000 €
- Second prize: 1200 €
- Third prize: 800 €
- Honorable mentions at discretion of the Jury (no money prize).
- Publication of the results by the Sponsor and Organizer.

If a winning project is a project made by a group, the amount will be shared equally between all the participants of that group.

Bonus among the winners:
The Sponsor commits itself to help develop and produce at least one prototype among the three winning projects at its own expense (value of several thousands of euros). Therefore, the project must be realistic and feasible.

The Sponsor commits itself to pay a royalty fee for every element produced if the project goes on the market in agreement with the winner. The royalty fee will be negotiated in agreement with the winner and will not be smaller than 2% and not more than 8% of the Sponsor sales price depending on the complexity of the project.

Bonus for the runner ups:
The best projects can be published in the medias, on paper, on the web or be the object of an exhibition upon decision of the jury and the agreement of the participant.